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Introducing the BeauMont Cento SL

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

It's finally here! Our long awaited BeauMont Cento Super Light carbon frameset!

We've been working really hard through the summer on developing our very own bike range. Our first batch of frames arrived last week and we have been busy building up them up, ready for demos or purchase!

This has been a bit of a secret project of ours, but given the spare time we gained due to the Covid restrictions we started a whole load of research into producing our own frame! After a lot of learning and with the help of an expert Italian bike manufacturer, we worked out our ideal design for an all-round, lightweight high performance bike frame, specifying every last detail. Our British Engineering team was able to manufacture our first ever BeauMont moulds, making the frameset available as disc or rim brake and in a full range of 6 sizes - 44, 49, 52, 54, 56 and 58. From here it was back to the experts to produce our carbon frames and of course, our signature graphics!

The result? The most amazing frameset we've ever ridden! So here's our invite to you, come and test ride our new frame! For some of you this might mean waiting a little longer due to Covid restrictions, but you won't be disappointed! The frameset can be yours for €1900 and a full build with 105 starts at €3000. Check out our BeauMont Cento SL product page for more details! Full website launching soon!

So what's next? All I can say is, watch this space for new arrivals!!!

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