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A: The function var func = $.Deferred(); is not what you think. It doesn't create a new function; it creates a new instance of the jQuery Deferred class. The argument to Deferred() is the same as the one given to.promise(). jQuery.Deferred is designed to be subclassed, but it also implements the Promise interface and can be used as a regular, stand-alone Deferred: var d = jQuery.Deferred(); And then passed into the Promise constructor: var myPromise = new Promise(d); You could then modify the function variable to be a Promise: var func = $.Deferred(); function myPromise() { func.promise(this); } Alternatively, use the jQuery $.when() function (note the lack of a return statement): $(function() { $.when(func, function() { alert("result: " + func.state()); }); }); The advantage of this approach is that it creates a Promise object that's already resolved. The advantage of the approach in your question is that you aren't keeping track of a new Promise object. The Promise object is already "live", being created by jQuery.ajax() and passed to your promise handler function. Palmetto State Armory Palmetto State Armory was a historic armory building located at Hartsville, Darlington County, South Carolina. It was designed by architect William Lindsay, and built in 1907-1908. It was a two-story, rectangular brick building with an exterior of limestone and granite. It had a two-story, hipped roof. It housed a post office and was used by the 38th Infantry Regiment. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. It was demolished in 2009. References Category:Armories on the National Register of Historic Places in South Carolina Category:Infrastructure completed in 1908 Category:Buildings and structures in Darlington County, South Carolina Category:National Register of Historic Places in Darlington County, South Carolina Category:1908 establishments in South Carolina Category:Military installations closed in 2009 Category:2009 disestablishments in South CarolinaManhunt for 5-year-old with autism Ends in Alabama The search for a 5-year



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Download Tibia Bot Ng 8.1 Crack (Updated 2022)

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