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Medical and recreational cannabis dispensary Serra is one of the most aesthetically pleasing recreational dispensaries in the US. Located in the heart of picturesque Portland, a 420 destination, Serra welcomes guests daily to explore their relationship with : Cannabis. What sets Serra apart is their provided "Feelings Cards" which allows the budtenders to curate the best products , for each customer's individual needs. We love the special attention put into helping people develop their relationship with weed at this charming west coast location. January 7, 2022 Senses strives to promote success for all cannabis retailers, regardless of shape or size. They recognize the need for support in a highly competitive market and offer their members access to pro bono services including: help navigating licensing and store development, developing marketing and sales strategies, inventory management, and more. Furthermore, Senses members are eligible for additional savings and exclusive discounts through their extensive partner network.medical marijuana peterborough ontarioMental Health and Addiction Services in Peterborough It is not just the rich natural resources but the business and innovation ecosystem, well-equipped labs homegrown talent from 2 local educational institutions (with another just a short drive away), and major municipal investments , into development opportunities, that shape the success ofcleantechbusinesses , that call this region “home”. At Medicine Wheel we pride ourselves on the medicinal quality of our cannabis flower. Carrying between 30 and 45+ different cultivars, we cover all your bases with a wide range of sativa, indica, hybrid and CBD strains. Whether you are a beginner or cannabis connoisseur, we have what you need. Increase sales and brand awareness Get a Quote Great place , great people. As long as you have the proper documentation there shouldn't be any problem whatsoever.nova scotia medical marijuana card“Interviews with (Veterans Affairs Canada) front-line staff anecdotally noted that Veterans taking 1-2 grams/day, at appropriate times are managing well,” read that review. ( , In the original appeal in 2019, the Board concluded that the injured party did not experience neuropathic pain, based on the testimony of several medical experts. The presence of neuropathic pain was determined to be a threshold they deemed necessary to allow for medical cannabis usage, and therefore allowing it to be a covered medication under their workers’ compensation program. The legalization of recreational cannabis dominated the news cycle in 2018 with the Cannabis Act taking effect in October. This has generated similar media hype around medical cannabis and raised questions about its implications for health insurance. Recent Health Canada statistics suggest approximately 300,000 Canadians are registered to use cannabis for medical purposes, a number that has grown exponentially in recent years.

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