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Female specific cut and styling 

2 in 1 style skinsuit jersey integrated with bib shorts for added comfort and style

Breathable fabric for back and shoulders

Ultra lightweight and breathable fabric for underarms
Italian engineered fabrics 
3 rear pockets 

Reflective tags -both left and right sides of rear pocket

7.5cm silicon injected leg hem powerband for all day comfort- stretch and stays put! 


Kat wears size M (this is a tight fit skinsuit, we recommend one size up from your regualr size, Kat normally wears S)



All fabrics manufactured in Italy

Under arm & upper side panel: E111 LUNA 115gsm, Highly breathable, lightweight anti snag, moisture wicking, Italian fabric

Front panel & Nape panel: E114 BEATO 160gsm. Marginally heavier than the upper arm and side panels but still extremely lightweight and moisture wicking. This allows for a little more protection from wind when you're on the move.
Back panel: E243 LUNEX 130gsm, allowing your back to breath but still providing sun protection. Mosture wicking and breathable as you would expect from Italian quality fabrics
Bottom: E12 GIRO 240gsm. An Italian compression fabric that will fit snug all day long and ensure a comfortable ride all day long
Unsublimated panel: E16 FONDO BLACK 225gsm our pre dyed Italain fabric made to last.



An unbeatable high-performance pad guaranteeing enduring comfort to cycling's most demanding athletes racing or training on the road for up to 8 hrs and beyond! Its high impact and open-cell foams offer excellent shock absorption and moisture-wicking in the ischiatic and prostatic areas, while elastic memory and superlight foams are combined in the outer areas of the pad to optimise ergo-fitting comfort. Perforations in the front cup and outer ischiatic areas enhance the airflow filter system to optimise breathability and dryness on long excruciating rides. The cushy soft Zigzag Carbon surface fabric dissipates heat and germs thanks to the permanent bacteriostatic effect of carbon yarns, leaving cyclists cool, fresh and friction-free.

Women's skinsuit

€ 240,00Prezzo
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