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Hike and  explore the winding mountain trails above Sanremo, taking in the fresh air, stunning scenery and tranquillity of the mountain forest. 

There are  a range of hiking tours from Sanremo and the surrounding areas. Generally a bespoke plan is set out for you according to what you want to do and the weather at the time. Below are a few route summaries to give you an idea of what you can do


A steep walk all the way from sea level to 1299m. Descend only to San Romolo for a transfer, or truely hard core, walk all the way down

Sanremo - Monte Bignone: 3-3.5 hrs,

Monte Bignone - San Romolo: 1.5 hrs.

Transfer back to Sanremo: 25 mins



Transfer - San Romolo: 25 mins

San Romolo - Bajardo: 2 hrs

Lunch at a traditional mountain restuarant, includes wine (35Euros, not included in tour)

Bajardo- San Romolo: 2 hrs

Transfer - Sanremo: 25 mins



A mix of steep and flatter sections of terrain with some optional extras, amazing forest scenery with burst of view over the mediteranean golf and also futher inland mountains

Transfer - San Romolo: 25 mins

San Romolo - Monte Caggio: 45 mins

Caggio - Carparo: 45 mins 

Carparo - San Romolo: 1 hr 20

Transfer - Sanremo: 25 mins



A Steep climb of 400m to the summit and then similarly steep descent, but skirt the peak for a relatively flat return. Best on really clear days

Transfer - San Romolo: 25 mins

San Romolo - Monte Bignone: 1.5 hrs

Monte Bignone - Bajardo: 1.5 hrs 

Bajardo - San Romolo: 1hr 50 

Transfer - Sanremo: 25 mins


Climbt 400m straight up to Bignone and then back down. can be done as a loop or simple return depending on terrain difference and weather conditions 

Transfer - San Romolo: 25 mins

San Romolo - Monte Bignonge: 1.5 hrs

Monte Bignone - San Romolo: 1.5 hrs

Transfer back to Sanremo: 25 mins


Transfer - San Romolo: 25 mins

San Romolo pine forest hike. 1.5 hrs +

Transfer to Sanremo: 25 mins


A clever way to make the most of the mountains. A steep climb to Bignone of 400m and then descend into Bajardpo and take a bus transfer from Bajardo to Sanremo. (There's a great restaurant serving a traditional menu in Bajardo, which is well worth taking advantage of before heading down)

Sanremo - Monte Bignone: 3-3.5 hrs

Monte Bignone - Bajardo: 1.5 hrs.

Public Transport to Sanremo: 35 mins, limited timings


For serious hikers. This will make your legs drop off after. 

Transfer - San Romolo: 25 mins

San Romolo- Perinaldo Col Termini 30 mins
Perinaldo Col Termini - Apricale - Bajardo: 3 hrs

Bajardo- Monte Bignone - San Romolo: 3 hrs

Transfer to Sanremo: 25 mins


San Romolo 800m

Monte Bignone 1299m

Bajardo 900m

Perinaldo Col de Termini 930m

Aprical 290m

Sanremo Sea level

Guide times do not include rest stops. 

The routes are a mixture of road and walking paths, much of the higher ground is rugged and steep so make sure you have god footwear.


We will provide you a packed lunch enjoy our picnic en route (sandwich, fruit, cereal bar, water). Please feel free to bring your own additional snacks or cash for cafes. 

Cafe stops are available at San Romolo and Bajardo. 

We always like to discuss our hike routes with you first so we choose are route suitable for both you and the weather. All of our hikes are stunning and work around you.

Bring with you:

Backpack to carry additional clothing, packed lunch etc

Water bottle/ camelbak or similar

Cash for cafe stops

Suitable clothing for the weather/ sun screen/ insect repellent

Comfortable trainers/ walking shoes

Day Hike in Sanremo Mountains

    • Suitable clothing for the weather/ sunscreen
    • Comfortable trainers/ Walking shoes
    • Back pack for additional clothing/ water/ picnic
    • Cash for coffee/ snacks
    • Water bottle/ camelbak or similar
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