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For hikers who appreciate authentic Italian cuisine. We make a visit an authentic Liguiran mountain medieval village to sample to delicious cuisine. With a good hike both before and after, you will feel healthily satisfied!


You will be collected from your hotel or a predefined meeting point in Sanremo. We then take a 20-minute scenic journey by car into the hillside, and find ourselves immersed in the greenery of the Sanremo hills, in San Romolo.


You will be guided on a breathtaking walk, along undulating and mostly wide paths. At various points of the walk you transition from being immersed in the woods, to the view of the medieval villages until, after about 2 hours of walking, you arrive in Bajardo, a medieval village built on top of a mountain, which suffered an earthquake in 1887.

Here we make our way through the narrow stone passages, to the remains of the ancient church with a breathtaking view of the maritime alps before having lunch.

Afterwards, we retrace our steps along the hiking trail, back to San Romolo.
Approximate starting time from the Sanremo 9:30. Return to the hotel around 4.00 pm

The gourmet tasting menu in Bajardo includes:

A Local selection of appetisers, 3 homemade pasta courses, 3 main courses of meat, a dessert, water and wine. All the dishes are seasonal and use local ingredients, some examples may include, sage and butter ravioli, slow cooked wild boar, ligurian rabbit casserole, pesto gnocchi, (local) mushroom tagliatelle.


There are also variations that can be arranged around transport back to Sanremo directly from Bajardo, if you prefer to relax after eating rather than hike some more.


There is also variation including a more strenuous hike to Bajardo via Monte Bignone. This involves narrow and steep sections over varied terrain. You'll need a good tred on your trainers.


If you prefer to keep lunch lighter, we can arrange a simple picnic to take near the ruins at the top of Bajardo, and reduce the overall cost. Contact for more details.

Minimum 2 people

Sanremo Mountain Hike - San Romolo to Bajardo, with Gourmet Tasting Menu

130,00 €Prix
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