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Before we even get to cycling, it's important that you know the bike you will be riding, before you set off! Here's our essential pre-ride checklist, 
PRE-RIDE CHECKLIST It is a riders responsibility to check the list below whether using own OR hire bikes  


When your equipment is unfamiliar or you haven't checked your bike since building up on arrival, accidents can happen. Hire bikes are regularly serviced and a 15 point check before each rental - but still you must check the equipment you are using

  • Check the brakes work and are comfortable for you to use. (NB hire bikes may have the front and back brakes the opposite way to which you are used to)

  • Check all the gears are working and you are comfortable moving through them all

  • Check the pedals clip and un-clip smoothly

  • Check the seat height/ forward and back adjustment

  • Check the tyre pressure and condition

  • A rear light is advisable for darker days or routes with tunnels. Front and rear are essential after dusk. We can provide a rear light

  • Bring at least one drinks bidon and some cash for cafe stops

  • Check you have the correct clothing for the weather- some rides will be in full sunshine, others higher up with long, cooler descents. Mountain weather can change quickly

  • You must wear a helmet at all times on the bike

  • Have at least one spare tube and tyre levers (provided with hire bikes)

  • Carry a pump or ride in a pair with someone who does

  • Adhere to covid restrictions in operation (eg. mask, covid green pass etc)

BIKE RENTAL: If you are hiring a bike from us, you must report and pay for any damage caused during your rental. We are as understanding as possible when it comes to wear and tear but to damage a bike and not report it could easily cause the next rider to crash and injure themselves. You are responsible for the safety of your bike throughout the rental period. We recommend you do not leave it unattended and ensure it is securely supported at cafe stops etc. 

Anyone cycling with us must have a minimum competence to be comfortable riding a road bike on the road for 40km (min). Only you can determine this before you start riding. Ideally you will be used to using clip in pedals too. You're welcome to talk any concerns over before hand. 
With the fun and freedom that comes with cycling there is a responsibility to be safe at all times. This includes equipment pre-checks and abiding by a code of conduct, so that everyone enjoys the day.
Please read through this section carefully before joining us. It is your responsibility to perform all pre-ride checks and report any issues with equipment (your own, or hired) as soon as possible.



When a rider breaks the highway code or disrespects pedestrians or other road users, it can reflect upon all of us. Setting out a few simple rules can make sure everyone has fun.
  • Ride at your own, comfortable pace, if it is too fast/ slow, let the group leader know

  • Pace yourself, if you're not sure what terrain is coming up, just ask!

  • On narrow roads, be aware of possible on coming traffic and keep to the right, especially on descents

  • Single out on narrow or busy roads

  • NO cycling more than 2 abreast. If you are not comfortable riding 2 abreast, tell the group  

  • Do NOT jump red lights

  • Use hand signals to warn traffic of any oncoming manoeuvres but not at the expense of your balance!

  • Use hand signals to warn other riders of obstacles, parked cars, road debris etc (again, not at the expense of your balance)

  • Ensure nobody gets lost or dropped from the group

  • Communicate and look out for each other. The only stupid question is one not asked. 

  • Warn the group of cars waiting to pass or passing on narrow roads 

  • If you puncture, shout loudly “puncture/ mechanical”, stop safely on the side of the road 

  • When pulling out of a junction it is the responsibility of each rider to check it is clear, although it is good practice in group riding, to shout “clear or stop”, never proceed to cross unless you are sure you will make it across 

  • Show good manners to others, everyone can make a mistake - we're all human

  • You are always responsible for your own safety while riding at all times

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