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Suddenly it's July already!!!

Wow, finally summer has arrived! Well actually it arrived a few weeks ago after an unusually cool spring, but now the sun is out, the skies are pure, bright blue. This is why it's called the Cote d'Azur!

It's been a fairly quiet spring, but now that various travel restrictions seem to be easing and everyone is starting to be fully vaccinated, plus the European Green Pass is coming into play we're loving riding again with both new and old faces!

We've loved meeting fantastic people from the USA, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, Belgium, France, Australia and counting so far this season already!

Hopefully we might even get to see a few more Brits out here too- I know quite a few of you are desperate to get out! And we can't wait to ride with you too! When the moment is right, we'll be here waiting for you with amazing scenery, incredible Italian cuisine and your most memorable cycling experience so far!

In the meantime, keep following on Instagram and Facebook! And book your flights or ferry the moment you get a chance!! See you all soon

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