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We have in stock a full range of high quality bespoke carbon road bikes- see our pages on the Beaumont Cento SL and Beaumont Corsa.  Full size range available. 


We also have a couple of ebikes capable of getting you around the mountains and keeping up with road bikes- depending on how much you use the assist you should be able to do at leasts 100km with 1500m elevation. With 21 Shimano gears you ride with or without the assist. (which is  limited to 29/30kmph). Supplied with flat pedals.


City bikes also available.


Helmet is obligatory but only included on request

Bidons are also available on request


You need to bring your own pedals and shoes (with cleats) 


You might also want to bring your own:

Drinks bidon

Garmin/ Wahoo mount

Rear light (if riding through tunnels or after dusk although also recommended for general road riding)

Additional tubes

Multi tool

Front light for dark days/ evening rides


Spare tube, pump and levers included per booking (not per bike) - this will take the space of one drinks bidon. All bikes also have a basic (band attachement to bars) wahoo/ garmin holder.


When you make your booking, it is useful if you can supply some of the following details:


Rider height

Normal bike size


Distance in mm:

Bottom bracket to top of seat

Seat tip to centre of bars


You must read and abide by the AmiciBici code of conduct


When you collect the bike a photo of your ID and credit card will be taken, along with details of where you are staying - for security purposes only. (please remember to bring them)

Bike hire

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